The first ever music festival which was held at the Lumley Beach Road in Freetown on 23 and 24 April was hugely succesful with several artiste’s like Markmuday, Arkman, Yung Sal, Dallas B, Steady Bongo, Block Jones and Drizilik gracing the Stage.

Yung Sal- Freetown Music Festival

With an airwaves filled with sounds of heart delightinng music, Sierra Leonean musicians was able to demonstrate their wealth of musical talent in the country to the backdrop of the country’s beautiful beaches.

The event was witnessed by thousands of Sierra Leoneans including those that have traveled from the outskirts of Freetown.

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“What can we say but we love this new wave of Sierra Leonean talent and we can’t wait for next year #FMF. It has been grand”, said Corner Yai in their comment about the event.

Fantacee Wiz Kamara - Music Festival Drizilik- Freetown Music Festival

key sponsors of the event was Africell mobile company, Sierra Leone Bottling Company and Sierra Leone Brewery Limited. The event was organised by Freetown Uncut, in collaboration with the National Tourist Board.