After the SLPP NEC (National Executive Council) adopted the rules and regulations governing the conduct of lower level elections, the National Coordinator of KKY Movement, Ambassador Fode Dabor wrote to the Chairman of PPRC (Political Parties Registration Commission), complaining that the rules and regulations should not be enforced because they were not gazetted by the Commission to allow for objection.


The PPRC Acting Registrar wrote to the National Chairman/Leader of the SLPP, Chief Somanoh Kapen, instructing him to put on hold all lower level elections until the rules and regulations governing those elections were officially gazetted. This directive by the PPRC was duly followed by Chief Kapen.

On 29th January, 2016 the PPRC published the SLPP NEC rules and regulations governing lower level elections in a Government Gazette. The deadline for the objection to those rules and regulations is Wednesday February 17, 2016.

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Up until press time last night, the KKY Movement has not officially objected to any of the rules and regulations adopted by the SLPP NEC at their last NEC meeting in Freetown.

Many people see the move by KKY Movement as a deliberate ploy to unnecessarily delay the conduct of all SLPP lower level elections across the country.

Any objection to the rules and regulations governing SLPP lower level elections can only be deemed to be valid if they violate the SLPP Constitution or the 1991 Sierra Leone Constitution.

Some senior KKY Movement members have been accused of trying to unnecessarily delay the conduct of all lower level elections by coming up with untenable excuses each time the party makes progress toward peace and stability.

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“KKY Movement knows that their candidates will not win any of the lower level elections that is why they are delaying the process unnecessarily”, a key supporter of Presidential hopeful, John Oponjo Benjamin told the Global Times late last night.

A spokesman for KKY Movement responded to the allegation last night by saying, “Our legal team is working on our points of objection to the rules and regulations governing lower level elections in our party…I can assure you that, we will do so before the deadline expires on Wednesday”.