The District Youth Chairman in Koinadugu, northern ‪Sierra Leone‬ has said that young men and women will embark on street protests today for the second time in a week, Umaru Fofona reports.

Koinadugu Youths Protest

Mohamed Marah said that the move was “to demonstrate our frustration over the humiliating treatment by President [Ernest] Koroma and his APC party meted out to us over the promised construction of a Youth Village in the district which has now been moved to Tonkolili”.

He said the president had in December 2014 promised them the Village, a vocational institute to train the skills of young people and prepare them for entrepreneurship, with construction work to start in January 2015.

“Now they’ve taken it to another district humiliating us as if we are less Sierra Leonean”,. The government is yet to comment, but sources say big hitters have been sent to the district.