There is this theory that the type of bag a woman carries says a lot about her personality. To prove this theory, Sierraloaded interviewed a couple of women and men in Freetown on female bags and their personality.

Lady With Handbag

Virtually all of them agreed that a woman’s bag says a lot about her personality.

“From the bags you can tell who is affluent, working class, ‘wanna-be’, or modest,” said Professional hairdresser and fashionist, Rugiatu Koroma.

She explained that bags compliment the way a woman dress as it makes her complete.

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Bags define who you are; it shows which social strata a woman belongs, a female corporate executive said.

“For example, if you carry a fake bag automatically you are placed in a particular social class,” she explained.

However, there are contrary views. One of the interviewees, Michael Pratt, said “well before I use to class a woman by the bag she carries, but the flooding of the slums in Freetown destroyed that myth. I realized that quite a good number of ladies carrying expensive bags live in slums.”

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“For me bags are just to create fake impression to attract or confuse men to believe that a woman belongs to a particular social class of which she might not even belong,” Pratt said.

“I have dated women who I have wrongly analyzed and ended up taking care of all their responsibilities. I have learnt my lessons and I would not fall for it again,” another guy intimated.

Another lady had a different perspective. “Bags are mere necessity. You are not completely dress without a bag. As a woman there are things that you need to carry and you just can’t carry them in a nylon bag,” she explained.

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However, Victor Williams differs. “I dated a lady that carries Marc Jacobs handbag, her handbag was not attractive because she didn’t feel the need to tell people she is affluent. Nevertheless her money speaks.”

He advised, “If you want to approach a girl like that make sure the keys of your Hummer H3 or FJ Cruiser are where she can see them,” he said, laughing.