As Prosecution and Defense Counsel struggled to determine the cause of death of Bankole Turay, Prosecution Witness Ibrahim Kamara said the deceased insistently refused to be taken to Emergency Hospital after he had fights with the accused, Cornelius Decker and Omolabi Decker.


Ibrahim Kamara, on 10th February 2016, explained to Magistrate Abou Bhakarr Binneh Kamara that he recalled 25th October 2015 when he came home from work and met Bankole Turay (deceased) arguing bitterly with accused, Cornelius Decker.

The witness further said that Cornelius complained that Bankole has been insulting him the whole of day, and on that note the witness said he cautioned the deceased to stop insulting the accused and admonished him that “he is your elder and should respect him”.

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He also told the court that he overheard the accused’s wife (Sallay) convincing him to call their son, Omolabi Decker, to come and confronts the deceased because he is always in the habit to insulting the accused.

“I left the scene and after a while I returned only to find Bankole holding his stomach, crying and asking for help. I took the deceased into a room belonging to one Esther and left him there to call the local chief of Aberdeen who was already on his way. In my presence the chief asked the accused’s son Omolabi why he kicked the deceased on his stomach but Omolabi denied the allegation”.

Ibrahim furthered that he carried the deceased on his back to help him board a taxi, and at Lumley on their way to Emergency Hospital, the deceased refused to board any vehicle and insisted to be taken to his wife, which they later obliged to.

Two days after, the witness said he heard about the deceased’s death and for that he made statement to the police.

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Cornelius Decker who is between the ages of 40-50 was charged on two counts. Counts one states conspiracy to commit murder and counts two commit murder which, according to the particulars of offence, on 25th October at Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen, in Freetown the accused together with persons unknown conspired to commit felony to wit murder and on the same date murdered Bankole Turay.

The matter continues on 16th February 2016 for further investigations.