The National Weightlifting Captain, William Gallex Sesay was crowned champion of the maiden edition of “Salone Strongest Man” staged by Salone Got Talent Organization at the Main Bowl of the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown on Friday 29th April 2016.

William Gallex Sesay

Gallex, who was one of the competition’s favourite, comfortably won the one hundred million Leones (Le 100m) prize money with a classic closing performance against his close contender, Amin Hudrodge who pulled out of the last event due to arm injury.

Amongst the 31 competitors, the night began to bright on Gallex during the opening event which was the 50×2 Don Bell 100metre race. It was a clean sweep for him as he qualified with best time to the next stage.

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Having gone through the 50 meters caterpillar tyre rolling and the 30 meters 250 kg weight run, he was placed first position above 15 other competitors who made it to the second stage at the end of round one.

In Round Two, Gallex moved the Range Rover Sport Jeep in 2munites 21 seconds whiles Amin finished in 2munites 17 seconds.

Leone Money

This result took both Gallex and Amin to the last 8. Amongst the last 8 competitors Gallex and Amin were the two best that made it to the final after dead lifting the 250 kg.

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All the other six competitors failed to lift the weight and, according to the organisers, only the best two qualify to the grand final.

In the final event, Gallex lifted all the balls in the different weight category, ranging from 60kg-130kg.

This was a disappointing moment for fans of Amin as he officially pulled out of the race claiming he picked up an arm injury during the process. Competitors came from different parts of the country to contend for the money.