Juliet Turay, widow of late business tycoon Alhaji Mohamed Turay, Tuesday 7th, claimed dead husband appeared before her while in court.

Law Court Building Sierra Leone

She said she was at the High Court following a proceeding brought against her brother-in-laws before the death of her husband. She claimed the late husband told her not to give up but continue with matter against his brothers.

“My husband had come to console me,” she said.

“As soon as I walked into the court, I saw my husband who encourages me to fight the case till the end. My husband is not happy with manner which his brothers are managing his businesses.”

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Reports are that a guest house at Tokeh Beach is reportedly owned by the three brothers, but used to be managed by the late man. That before the husband’s death, there has been our relationship with the other brothers, which incidentally led to disunity between the three.

It was on this basis, Juliet said, that her late husband decided to remove himself from the joint ownership of the Guest House.

“My husband had filed a case in the court but died months after the proceeding commenced,” She pointed out.

Many people who were present were shocked hearing that a dead man appeared to his wife to console her fight a case on his behalf. It was told that the late man’s death came following a heart attack on July 28th 2016.