By Mahmud Tim Kargbo

Do you want know why the reluctant in the pump price for fuel in Sierra Leone? Well most of our State officials are business men and are shareholders to the petroleum companies that are operating inside Sierra Leone.

Above all, the State is being run as a business so nearly all State officials are desperate to make profit in all fronts at this dying moment to meet the transition; knowing well the wickedness of our people in social positions of trust, taking in to consideration their exploitative actions towards the ordinary people; in a situation where they’re running business even Satan wouldn’t like to be a customer to their business as he would surely run away from their devilish tricks of exploitation and prefer being in Hell permanently.

If am not in bed with the truth here ask Alpha Khan how much he priced his ticket for London from his very own travel agency out of State funds. Or you can ask Parliament why are they dragging feet in investigating State officials that deliberately inflated oversee trips from the State funds.

Fuel-Scarcity-Sierra Leone

If that doesn’t comfort you please ask Ibrahim Ben Kargbo why he only talked about where he used to go when he want to quickly cash his chequers when he was given an opportunity to registered his tribute for one of our exceptional entrepreneurs late Vincent L. Kanu in Makeni.
Or why is this 81 years old man so desperate to make money at all cost to an extent that even the dangerous Lebanese garbage can’t stop him?

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