A lot of contractors and suppliers have been complaining bitterly that the Government of Sierra Leone owes them a huge sum of money for contracts that they have already performed, Sorie Fofana writes.


It is even rumored that, the government owes contractors well over Le400 Billion (Four Hundred Billion Leones). And there is no assurance that these contractors will be paid as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is that the government does not have the money at the moment to pay any or all contractors.

The President should put in place measures to stop leakages in the treasury department. For instance, the government’s bloated payroll must be cleaned up to avoid ghost workers.

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Secondly, some contractors/suppliers continue to inflate prices whenever they do business with the government. Serious attention must be paid to this area.

Also, the President should ensure that, government ministers and officials minimize non-essential travels. Travelling with a huge delegation on overseas mission is costing the state a huge sum of money.

President Ernest Bai Koroma should ensure that, all Cabinet Ministers and government officials get special clearance from him before they embark on overseas travels.

The Senegalese Road Constriction Company (CSE) has threatened to take legal action against the government for failing to pay them well over Forty million United States Dollars.

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The road construction company, Fimet Construction Company, owned by Mohamed Gento Kamara is still struggling with GT Bank officials for a loan the company took to do the Hill Station/Hill Cut Road.

Mohamed Gento Kamara’s company owes GT Bank well over Le15 Billion (Fifteen Billion Leones). And the government owes Mohamed Gento Kamara’s company well over Le100 Billion (One hundred Billion Leones).

President Koroma should ensure that some fiscal measures are urgently put in place in order to cut down on waste and unnecessary spending by the government.

It is true that, as a result of the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease, investors in the mining sector pulled out of the country. And the collapse of African Minerals Limited and London Mining Company worsen an already bad situation.

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The commercial banks have been warned by the government not to extend any facility to government ministries, departments and agencies until the situation normalises.

These are not normal times?

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