By Mahmud Tim Kargbo

Impact investment by Moseray Fadika (Super) which was responsible for our massive economic growth; and took Sierra Leone to the second fastest growing economy in the globe in the first five years of President Koroma’s government in power has been quite an explosion of interest on his part by locals asset owners, youth, assets managers, traders and service providers.

Moseray Fadika

Parallel with this there has being a dramatic increase in the number of “thought leaders” or experts that our so call academics in social positions of trust haven’t the ability to attract big time investors to drastically cut down the high rate of unemployment in the country and reduce the current massive suffering in the lives of the people.

“All they are looking for is ways and means to raise commissions and kick backs at the expense of the majority thereby encouraging poverty to thrive successfully” supporters of Super told me. Of cause this has always been the case in Sierra Leone since Independence till date.

“What’s the essence of having educated people in governance who can’t change the lives of our people and country since independence till date with all our huge mineral deposits, is this fair enough? It’s time we try the other angle; among those that want to be the next President of Sierra Leone how many of them have even created job facilities for 100 nationals? None, whilst Moseray continue to create jobs for thousand of our nationals”, One supporter asked.


If Sierra Leone is to progress from its current deplorable state and efficiently eradicate poverty in the lives of our people based on the resources we possess we need mindful-heartfelt leadership that will cater for all not just the selected few. Is Moseray Fadika within this racket?

To be precise mindful means being conscious or aware of something and wiling or inclined to do something. On the Other hand, heartfelt means feeling deeply or strongly about something. So what happens when you combine both?

I believe that the best leaders are the ones that not only combine both but are also able to balance the two, or prioritised one over the other depending on the circumstances.

One of the ways I’ve approached leadership education is to think of it as the endless pursuit of comprehending what drives you and others to achieve an objective larger than yourself.

So to have mindful leadership first means to know that you will never be truly “full” of everything that defines great leadership. You will be in a constant state of learning as you make mistakes and succeed. Of cause, great leaders many times have to make decisions even with missing information and that’s part of being confident and having conviction. Whatever happens, when all is said and done, we discover that all great leaders have their flaws, they just don’t let those flaws get in the ways of their greatest achievements.

If Leaders are more concerned about creativity, innovation, making positive changes in the lives of others and seeking to challenge and push boundaries. Then Moseray is another leader, as he continue to set the positive direction of sharing national wealth; inspire his shared vision by motivating people mostly not by fear or reward, but by ideas that capture their imagination; enable the young around him to act by understanding that he can’t achieve it all by himself; but can achieve results through others and positively change their lives; model the way by setting an example to Sierra Leone entrepreneurs that they too can be successful if they’ve the right inspiration and encourage the heart by recognising individual contributions to the success of any of his projects.