His Excellency the elected VP Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana is not part of EBK APC Government OCTEA mining agreement. The main reason EBK fought VP Sam Sumana is to protect is share in OCTEA mining. During the first face of OCTEA crisis EBK ordered Hon. VP Sam Sumana to visit Kono and resolve the crisis with intent to implicate and indict him as the man behind the crisis.


According to reliable source a meeting between the CEO of OCTEA and president Koroma’s secret agents was to frame Hon. Sam Sumana that he incited the workers to go on strike a concocted lie against the innocent elected VP.

The OCTEA crisis was never mentioned as the reason why president Koroma remove the elected VP. All the reasons given to unconstitutionally sack the VP were cooked up by EBK to cover up the OCTEA crisis and protect his shares in the company as our records indicates to date.

For Kono people particularly those who don’t know the facts; it was harsh to hear the son of the soil to tell aggrieved workers to sit on the floor. But it was preferable no lives were lost again since Chief Sam Sumana altered that statement.

The workers went on peaceful sit down strikes after going through all the necessary industrial procedures. The workers were right in all the twenty one points resolutions demanded but EBK been one of the shareholders and president of the company which recently Panama papers revealed, the management was sure of government support.

The first govt delegation that went to Koidu including Mines Director, Mines Minister and some other stake holders from Freetown were in discussion for more than three days.

The delegation from Freetown were in Kono to protect the company, since they acknowledged the facts that the employees had genuine concerns, they instructed the OSDs to ignite the strike beyond public expectations.

Instructions were given from above by EBK to shoot and kill Kono peaceful citizens. All the killing at that time was part of the mines concessions done in the middle of the city. EBK instructed the police to kill any Kono person found on the streets protesting against OCTEA.

While the killing was on going, the delegation on the mines concessions called EBK that according to their findings VP Sam Sumana incited the employees to strike because he, VP Sam Sumana has some American Investors to take over the mines.

The entire Koidu City was in total collapse because of the continuous shooting.

When the issue went out of control, EBK ordered VP Sam Sumana to go to Kono to settle the problem he, VP Sam Sumana created.

EBK accused the VP of a crime he, EBK mastermind to indict the VP without asking him any questions.

While shooting in Koidu was on going the delegation was busy updating VP Sam Sumana about the set up planned to implicate and indict the innocent VP Sam Sumana.

If VP Sam Sumana would have gone to the aggrieved workers first time around according to plan, the police would have killed at random so that EBK and his government would have alleged that he incited the workers to shoot the police.

Since he heard first hand information to implicate him before he left Freetown, he acted contrary to what EBK and the delegation’s expectations were.

VP Sam Sumana used wisdom and with God’s guidance and the help of insider information within the EBK cabal, VP Sam Sumana put an end to the killing and shooting in his beloved land.

It is difficult for the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the fool to understand the wisdom VP Sam Sumana used to stop further killing and harassment of his people.

Around the same time similar strikes worse than the OCTEA crisis happened in the North, no killing took place and the issue was amicably resolved. But in Kono, people were killed by EBK police and no action was taken against the killers.

Up to date EBK still harbours hate for Kono as his interest in the diamonds and the mineral resources of Kono increases.

To the world and beyond VP Sam Sumana was not and he is not part of any agreement relating to OCTEA either at home or on the Bloomberg website and the Panama papers.

The key executive members are Jan Jourbert, President Earnest Koroma and Ibrahim Sorie; with president Koroma as the Chief Executive Officer.

When Konos were killed no Civil Society Officers or Human Rights Organizations challenged the Koroma government for the human rights violations in Kono? Those who wanted to take up the responsibilities to investigate the killings in Kono were threatened and intiminated by president Koroma’s secret agents, they had to back off because of fear of arrest and loss of their jobs.

This not about being tribalistic but point out what is wrong with the Bai Koroma’s leadership. Under EKB there is high level conspiracy against the Kono people:-

1. In Sierra Leone, mining companies should not pay taxes to Kono district, only to central government. In other districts companies pay taxes to the local people.
2. The laws of Sierra Leone were violated by removing the Hon. VP Sam Sumana and the elected Mayor Sahr Emmerson Lamina from office. Institutions that stood up against such lawlessness and inhuman treatment where denied the right to question EBK’s chicanery and charlatan attitude towards Konos and Sierra Leoneans he perceive as enemy.
3. Government always instructed OSDs to shoot peaceful Kono people which do not happen in any part of Sierra Leone.
4. The youths of Kono are always imprisoned because they support VP Sam Sumana and Mayor Lamina, the list continues.
5. EBK suspend Mayor Lamina because he took OCTEA to Court.
6. For the sake of OCTEA EBK will kill any one including Konos who stands to question his share in the company.
7. The Bloomberg website and the Panama papers are evidence of president Koroma’s determination to destroy Kono and its people.

President Koroma is said to be a poor business man and a rogue politician who has no love for Sierra Leone and its people. – By 4Ps Media