In 2016, President Koroma was spotted as saying that “the process of selecting his successor will be similar to Roman Catholics’ selection of their pope in the Vatican in Rome.”

Koroma, who is looking like the “Pope” of his ruling APC party seems be on a mission to personally select his party’s flagbearer among the host of persons aspiring.

To this, however, has seen him dubbed a “Pope” and aspirants “Cardinals.”

Some two weeks ago, Koroma surprisingly held a get together party for all APC flagbearer aspirants at his State Lodge as he tactfully calming their minds ahead of his selection strategy.

And just last week again, he has held another State Lodge chilling in which he (Pope Koroma) was seen beaming with smiles amongst cardinals desperately wanting to succeed him.

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They were seen drinking and dinning as if taking a holy communion, with the pontiff (Koroma) serving them as they together partake of the dinner as it was during the last supper.

A source tells The New Age that reason for the frequent State Lodge party has come as a result of Koroma’s lost faith in the National Advisory Council of his APC party, which in the last meeting has seen its membership vehemently opposing Koroma’s potential successor- allegedly Samura Kamara.

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That Koroma is bent on having his handpicked man succeed him as flagbearer and President than allowing a free and fair electoral or selection process conducted.

Meanwhile, critics have condemned Koroma for what they describe as ‘him transforming State Lodge to an APC party office.’

They also have called on him to be hosting such gathering at the party’s office or not hold it at all, than doing same at State Lodge.