You grow even fonder of your city when you’ve travelled abroad, I remember returning from a trip overseas and almost kissing the ground when I enter Freetown City.

It’s not just our diversity, it’s our People that makes Freetown unforgettable. But there’s always room to turn Freetown the good into Freetown the Better. With a little less than 2 years until the next municipal election, local candidates including mayoral hopeful are gearing up for what’s sure to be one of the most exciting and hotly contested elections we’ve seen in decades and our city’s future lays in the balance.

A large part of why I’m running is because I for one am tired with the lack of vision, leadership and plague of dirty politics that have hindered our collective progress. As an advocate for the past 4 years, i’ve come to realize that those who are not engaged in the political process are treated as afterthoughts.

In some cases the so called divided between Eastern and Western is one that needs to be addressed and remedied as we need to be one Freetown, united in our differences, promoting it as a strength rather than a weakness. Our political culture needs to change. Those that want things to remain the same need to consider that the original foundation of our democracy is to ensure every voice is heard . This election, needs to be won on ideas not slogans, civility not disrespect. It’s not idealistic, it’s basic.

Modern Freetown, a city ripe with city-builders, is being built by local and community visionaries who are coming together like never before to discuss how we can make a good city even Better. Ideas like transit investment, Smart Financial management and green initiatives are the core of a movement slowly brewing, waiting for a chance to have a positive impact on the daily lives of Freetowntonians everywhere.

But we can’t do it with more of the same. We need new solution to old problems and in some cases that means completely new candidates who are passionate about their neighborhoods, community and their city.

That’s the Freetown I believe in, that’s the Freetown I know we’re capable of and that’s why I’m running for Mayor.