Spokesman at the Office of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Abdulai Bayraytay has on Wednesday 3rd August, 2016 during a phone call interview with Awareness Times Newspaper disclosed that one of the major reasons why His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma dismissed the entire Board of Directors of the Electricity Distribution Supply Authority (EDSA) is that the latter are undermining the President’s Agenda for Prosperity.

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The Presidential spokesman furthered that, the President entrusted the Board of Directors of EDSA with the mandate of the provision of sustainable electricity across the country. He said, because there are serious flaws in the management of EDSA, which in turns has been a serious challenge on the fulfillment of the President’s Agenda for Prosperity, “President Koroma through his wisdom decides to dissolve the EDSA Board of Directors.”

Mr. Bayraytay recalled that one of the bastions through which President Koroma campaigned in the 2007 general elections is to provide sustainable electricity supply across the country.

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He said, through this promise, the President commissioned the Bumbuna Hydro Project, for the provision of electricity supply to Freetown and its environs; and also recently the commissioning of electricity supply in towns like Magburuka and Lungi.

Also, Mr. Bayraytay furthered that the decision of the President is because of the board’s inability to perform its mandated functions, and it is guided by provisions of the National Electricity Act 2011 (Act No. 16 of 2011), citing specifically Section 27 (2).

Furthermore, he said, because of the overwhelming interest of the President in elevating the country’s energy sector, the latter has decided to replace the board with an interim board, comprising five members. He said, this interim body will help him achieve his energy supply targets.

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Meanwhile, the EDSA Board of Directors has the responsibility of endorsing the utility’s strategy, developing directional policy, appointing, supervising and remunerating executive management staff, and ensuring accountability of the organization to its stakeholders.

As of the time coming to press, Awareness Times Newspaper tried to get to the dismissed EDSA Board members for possible reactions. However, that proved to be fruitless. Awareness Times Newspaper is sure to bring their side in our subsequent publications when we get on to them.