The World Health Organization boss, Dr Anders Nordstrom said Sierra Leone should beware for Ebola as it will re-occur again, sometime in future.

Anders Nordstrom

During the declaration for the end of Ebola last week, Dr Nordstrom said Uganda had ebola 30 years ago and it is still re-ocurring. “If it comes back we should not be worried because the most important thing is that the country has put in place all the measures to combat it, as we saw how they handled the last case perfectly by averting the spead of the virus.”

He said he is happy that the structures are in place and Sierra Leoneans shouldn’t be afraid to confront the virus because every Sierra Leonean has the knowledge and awareness of it and what to do to bring it down whenever it re-occurs.

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The Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Brima Kargbo said why there has been so much denial was because of the effective actions they took to limit the spread from the secondary case. He said people were expecting many deaths and sickness, but because of the swift intervention it did not happen.

He said Sierra Leoneans should not be afraid but be aware that the virus has the tendency to re-occur, but have the capacity to handle any breakout. “One important lesson we learnt in this fight is that community relations is very important to win the fight.”

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The statement of the declaration was read by Mr Ishmail Tarawally who is the Coordinator from the Office of the National Security (ONS). He said the response to control the unwelcomed event through the national structures with support from their partners was prompt and effective and it reaffirmed the local cxapacity that was biult during the previous encounter with the disease, to manage public health events and to say never again shall they be overtaken by any public health emegency.

Mr Tarawally said the second round of ebola case that is now over was not unexpected as the WHO has warned of more flare ups. “We saw this in neighboring Liberia as well and it signalled the need for continued vigilance.”

The ONS Coordinator said they will continue to remember but at the same time celebrate the courage of the healthcare workers who confronted the disease with bravery despite its deadly nature.

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“They died in saving the lives of their fellow country men and women and in providing priceless services to the rest of humanity. Because of their sarifices, we were able to save lives of over 4,000 Sierra Leoneans that were infected with the disease during the previous outbreak.”

Mr Tarawally averred that while people mourn those that succumbed to the disease, their resolve to prevent further devastation of any other outbreak remains strong. “The previous ebola virus disease outbreak that ended in Sierra Leone on 7th November 2016 claimed the lives of 3,590 people in Sierra Leone including 221 health care workers.”