In 2012 it was reported that the Governing board of the OPEC fund for International Development has approved seven loans and three grants totaling over 100 million dollars with the aim of boosting the socio economic development in 13 African countries.

Fourah Bay College

Sierra Leone was one of the country that benefited from the grants that was awarded.

In 2012, 13 million dollars was awarded for our nation oldest and largest university which is Fourah Bay College.

The grant was awarded with the aim that the university will enhance the quality of higher education by expanding and rehabilitating existing facilities, thus increasing admission levels and providing more opportunities for students to secure good jobs.

With this in mind let take a look at the current condition of the university, over the years many have spoken out about the deplorable state and eye soring conditions the university is in.

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What about the 13 million dollars that was given as grant to the university? How was it spent and has anybody giving a rundown of how the money was spent? Or is there any physical evidence to show around the college environs that 13 million dollars has been put to work?

The biggest question that needs to be answered now is What Happened to The 13 million dollars giving to Fourah bay college?

Because as it is, based on picture evidence and absolute disgust shown towards the current state and condition of the university expressed by student attending it now and those of the past it looks like There was never any donation or grant of 13 million dollars was made to the university and if there was any made there is no evidence of it.