China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) has said that they are happy that the Wellington Masiaka Highway has been approved by the government and when constructed will be the best in the country.

Wellington  Masiaka Highway Plan

One of the senior managers of the company, Nicky said that they have been working in the country now for eight years and they believe they are part of the Sierra Leonean community, so when this road project came up, they decided to come in and fund it fully.

“We want to show our gratitude to Sierra Leone and we believe that we must be able to help the country we are working in. We will finance the entire 67km road and then we will then retrieve our money through the toll system that we have agreed with the government.”

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The manager averred that the start of the road at Wellington onto Waterloo, due to the challenges of land space, they will have to join all four lanes together and they will make sure they beautify the sideworks with flowers and trees, and will make sure that the road is always fit for travelling.

“After Waterloo, there is enough landspace for us to divide the lanes and have land in the middle where we will do the same by planting flowers and trees. Also, the space in the middle will be good for expansion in the future if the government thought it fit to increase the road to six lanes or eight lanes.”

Nicky said they will have to back fill most part of the road, so people should remember that they are constructing four lanes and not the usual two. “So the cost of four lane will be more expensive.”

He said the road will be contructed between three and four years and very soon they will start work on the road.

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He urged Sierra Leoneans to be patient and work with them so that the country will continue its development path.

Talking about the toll road, he said there will be three toll points on the road and vehicles will only have to pay at one when going through the entire road.

It could be recalled that CRSG has been constructing quality roads across in the country from the Regent Grafton Road to the Wilkinson Road, Mange Mambolo Road, part of the Kono highway, the Fourah Bay Road and Kissy Road and many other roads that they have refurbished.