There was a mild drama in Freetown last Friday when the marriage of one Marie Samura was disrupted and two proposed couples were arrested and detained in police custody.


Sierraloaded gathered that the wedding process was disrupted in the office of the registrar after a police officer stormed the scene over allegations of bigamy.

Explaining why He disrupted the marriage, Junior Siaba Kargbo, the police officer said that He had legally wedded Marie Samura on June 30th 1996 with a registered certificate given to him from the Office of Registrar General and they have three children during the marriage.

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He also said they have been separated for eight years now and Marie Samura even changed her name at the registry to Marie Fofanah.

According to Ass. Superintendent Kargbo, He received the information that Marie Samura will be wedding again and he went directly to court with a letter of complaint and the Court Registrar signed and stamped all the necessary documents. He furthered that he took those marriage documents between himself and Marie Samura at the registry office and explained to the office about the matter.

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Kargbo further said that He made statement to the police after presenting those documents to the office of the Registrar General informing them also that Marie Samura will be wedding on the 5th February 2016 at 11:30 am at the office of the Registrar.

He continued that around 11:30 am he was already in the office of the registry trying to see exactly what will happen, and suddenly Marie Samura came with his proposed husband.

Junior Siaka Kargbo explained also to journalists that he went along with a police officer but there was another marriage going on at that time, so they waited until it finished.

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He continued that the wedding process was going on when he entered the registrar’s office with the police officer and as soon as he entered the office, the registry officer had to read the document he left with them and also the document bearing the rules and regulation of marriage in front of the proposed couple.

He also explained that in the end, police intervened and arrested the proposed couple and later obtained statements from them.