The Head of Media, Community Relation Department, Kenema police station, Brima James Musa has outlined strategies the police have put in place to combat any spill over to Kenema of the increase in armed robbery and other related offences being reported in the southern city of Bo.

Riot police move through the streets of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown

Speaking in Awoko in Kenema, the police media boss disclosed that the Sierra Leone police are a public servant institution with the constitutional mandate to protect lives and properties of all. He pointed out that the police will not sit by and watch criminals have field day in Kenema.

He disclosed that police in Kenema will embark on sporadic spot-checks of people suspected of having criminal motives. He said the police is also preparing to bring additional personnel from other divisions to beef up security in the city of Kenema and its immediate environs if need be.

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Police Constable 12068 Brima James Musa therefore encouraged the participation and cooperation of the general public in the fight against crime, noting that the police cannot succeed in their operation without the co-operation of the general public.

He encouraged the general public to give the police vital information that can lead to the continued peaceful co-existence in Kenema city and its environs.