The Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Rutile Ltd, John Sisay has said that Ebola is over and they need to help the president and government to rebuild the country instead of talking politics.

John Sisay-Sierra Rutile

According to Awoko, He made this statement during interviews with CNN and Sky news in London recently where he was interviewed on the economy and the way forward for Sierra Rutile.

The CEO of Rutile said Sierra Leone is now free of ebola and the country is gearing towards post-ebola recovery and all those who died in saving others as well as those who survived are the heroes and the people respect them for all what they have done.

“The current situation in the country is not the right time for politics as we all need to come onboard and support the president on the recovery program to take Sierra Leone where it was before the ebola.”

He said Sierra Leone was the fastest growing economy before the ebola and the current economic situation is challenging. The CEO said most of the airlines are back in the Sierra Leone sky except for British Airways which he said they are appealing to resume operations because there is no direct flight to London.

Talking about the country’s prospect for development, John Sisay said there are lots of prospects in the country as agriculture and fishing have great investment prospect.

He said tourism is also another area investment will thrive in the country. “The government is constructing roads to make the entire country accessible for business and we must bring more investment to help the government create more jobs for the people.”

He said Sierra Leone has the potential to succeed and become a great country in West Africa, that that this will be achieved if the people are determine and ready to support the government in the Agenda for Prosperity.

Mr. Sisay said Sierra Rutile is doing great as they got it right before the ebola and that was why the virus did not affect them as was with the other Iron Ore companies that had to collapse.

When asked whether Sierra Rutile is viable to sustain expansion growth, John Sisay said currently they are expanding because all their plans before and during ebola made sure they set themselves a target that was was easy to meet and even when the price of rutile was high they were working on a baseline price such that when the price dropped, they had no problem.

When asked about his ambition to be president, Mr. Sisay said this is not the time for that. ‘At present, I am concentrating on developing Sierra Rutile and make it more viable. When the time comes for politics, we will talk, when the time come for replacing the president, all those who are interested will come out and make their presence felt.’

Mr. Sisay said ebola is over, but we must be very careful not to allow any relapse that will reverse us again. He praised the ebola response and the plans that are keeping the survivors together and busy and hope they too will adhere to the call from the Ministry of Health.