The Matron at the Connaught Hospital, Isatu Kamara on Tuesday revealed to this medium that the hospital needs more doctors in specialised areas. She made this statement in an exclusive interview in her office at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown.

Connaught Hospital

In responding to the recent development at the hospital, Matron Kamara said that after the ebola epidemic the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has caused the Connaught Hospital to get a permanent isolation unit which was established by DFID through King partnership, noting also that the hospital now has an oxygen factory for patients who are in need of oxygen, which the hospital is now in position to provide.

She maintained that now they are implementing the infection prevention control (IPC) protocol which was absent before.
She disclosed that there is now proper screening of all patients accessing the facility and also ensuring that they are safe together with health workers and daily visitors.

Matron Kamara revealed that there are close to five hundred patients accessing the hospital on a daily basis to seek medication.
Highlighting the success of the hospital, she noted that there has been decrease in mortality, saying “it is now difficult to see patient die at the hospital except those who will come when their situation may have worsen,” she said.

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She emphasised that even though there are doctors in the hospital, “we need more doctors who are specialised in surgery, medicine, etc,” she pleaded.

She explained that the facility is being run on a twenty-four hour basis, so they need more medical staff especially doctors to work round the clock. Matron Kamara said her staff had been working very hard, noting that they have been working night and day to provide service to patients at the hospital.

She called on non-government organisations and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to support the hospital, adding that with their support they can do more to improve the hospital.