“We in the SLPP are very ungrateful, whosoever will die for us, we’ll not look at the person, but this time round when you die for us we will die for you too”.

Munda Rogers

These were words of the SLPP flag bearer aspirant, Munda Rogers on Saturday 23rd April 2016 while addressing his party supporters at the Ahmad Tejan Kabbah Hall at the Eastern Polytechnic campus along Combema Road in Kenema.

Hundreds of party supporters were on the streets to welcome Munda Rogers and his America-SLPP team to Kenema whilst his convoy moved through Blama Road, Hangha Road, through Combema Road on to Eastern Polytechnic campus.

He declared to his supporters that he will be contesting the flagbearership of the SLPP for the presidency and he assured all and sundry that he will win the election because God knows that he is sincere in whatever he is doing, adding that the election will be won by people with clean heart, noting that the election must be won by one person and that person is himself, but if it happens that he did not win it, he will remain in the party and support the winner in the interest of the party and the nation.

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He called on all players to fight the election in the just way and not by crook and urged members to pray to God to direct them to see the truth. Munda Rogers promised he will not say anything ill against about anybody as they are fighting the same goal and that his relationship with all other players is cordial.

He called on all party stalwarts to stop the violence within the party and look at each other as same Sierra Leoneans, adding that he is in Kenema with his team from USA to unify the party at all cost.

He said the executive of the SLPP is there to serve all and sundry in the party but not an individual, explaining they are to serve in all party functions and to make their best choice at the end of the day by voting for somebody they know can deliver.

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He said SLPP as a party will lose the election in 2018 if members continue the quarrel among themselves by condemning the behaviour of members instead of finding immediate solution to problems that affect the electoral chances of the party. He said the task for each member is to stay in the party and source for more members, saying politics is about numbers. He said he has several landmark achievements to his credit across the nation and that he has visited several parts of the country and will continue his tour by reaching hard to go areas.

Speaking on behalf of America and national campaign team, Dr. Ansu Kaikai said they will support Munda Rogers financially, morally and by all means for him to be President of the nation.

The entourage includes Alpha Timbo and Hon. Alycious Massaquoi, among others. The ceremony was chaired by Alex Kargbo alias Connection.