One of the flag-bearer aspirants of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) yesterday admitted that with the ongoing infighting and violence within the party, they have little or no chance of winning an election against the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC).

Munda Rogers

Ing. Munda Rogers was speaking at a presser organized by the Alliance of All Aspirants of the SLPP in the conference room of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to discuss the violence and infighting within the SLPP, especially the recent killing of a staunch supporter; Daddy George in Kenema.

“We have no chance of winning an election against the APC under this present development. We are supposed to be proving checks and balances to the ruling government but we are not doing that because we are not united,” he said.

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He stated that it would be extremely difficult for them to provide an alternative government or agenda for the people to choose from, with the current state of affairs.

He said it was only by coming together they will face the challenges of an election.

While calling on the authorities to look at the crimes committed in a speedy manner to ensure that peace and stability was assured in Sierra Leone, Ing. Rogers maintained that it was only through peace, stability and the respect of each other’s views; the party would succeed in gaining governance come 2018 polls.

With regards the recent brutal killing in Kenema, Andrew Keili said the alliance condemned the act, which he said has severe implications for the safety of party members and the wider public, as well as peace and harmony within the SLPP and democracy of the country.

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He expressed concern that in general, the swift handling of cases by law enforcement agencies involving party members and the public did not apply to incidences involving only members within the party, who may represent various factions.

“We however hope that this dastardly killing will compel the Sierra Leone Police to investigate this incident thoroughly and impartially and bring not only the perpetrators but also instigators, including financial sponsors to book,” he urged.

Other aspirants including, Ing. Dr. Jonathan Tengbeh, Lawyer Alpha Timbo and Dr. Kandeh Yumkella spoke about the need for the party to be united if they were serious about winning the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections.