In this exclusive interview with Arthur Ben Tucker, Madam Marian Cole who is the Chairlady of Falcom Bridge, a community in Northern Sierra Lone talks about the speculations surrounding the 2018 general elections, President Koroma’s third term re election and the Sierra Leone Presidency.


As a notable chairlady for the Falcom Bridge Community in Sierra Leone, how would you react to the controversy surrounding the 2018 presidential election?

There is no doubt Sierra Leone need to sit at a round table to discuss the terms of our staying together. Maybe something is wrong with our political class. Or perhaps we may need to carry out some level of medical check ups to ascertain the mental ability of some of our politicians. Politics in Sierra Leone is not about governance or people’s welfare.

It is so sad that politics in this country is all about winning elections, whereas in other advanced climes, politics is about making life meaningful to the citizenry. I do not believe there is any controversy than the ego, immaturity and lack of discipline being displayed by members of the ruling party.

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Specifically, are you of the view that President Koroma can still contest another election?

That is a matter for the court. It’s purely a constitutional matter. And perhaps if he signifies interest. Critics can sort it out in a competent court of law. Any Sierra Leonean, irrespective of tribe or religion can aspire to be the president. The rest is left for the electorate to decide.

You are a key Northern figure among your people. What is your view on rotational Presidency and the campaign for a president from the North?

It is nonsense and baseless. It shows that Sierra Leone is not mature politically. If a country like United States can have a black man as a President why are we talking about sentiments and ethnicity in determining who leads us. And that is where I draw my views about those angling for a northern president. To me, we do not need a northern President. We need a Sierra Leonean President who will do justice to all. We need development and justice for all.