The Member of Parliament (MP) representing Constituency 096, Honorable Alhassan Kamara, has recently said, “Sierra Leoneans cannot afford to leave the country in the hands of perpetually unemployed idlers.”

MP Alhassan Kamara

He made this disclosure while contributing to the discussion on the Presidential Speech at the State Opening of Parliament in December. According to Kamara, an MP from Bo castigated his people at Calaba Town for making themselves useful by gathering stones for sale and engaging in money-making initiatives.

“My people do not rely on hanging out or the goodwill of people to survive. My people at Calaba Town and Allen Town are more useful tax payers and employed people than some people who contest for 2018 elections,” Kamara said.

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He furthered that, “Democracy is the right to vote and to be voted for. If you have not voted for anyone in this country why do you expect people to vote for you?”

MP Kamara urged the people of Sierra Leone to be mindful of the people they vote to lead them, so that the country will continue to make steady progress.