In the recently concluded delegate conference of the APC, President Ernest Koroma accepted that his government is not perfect.

This comes at a time when thousands of Koroma’s praise singers have been saying that he is the best President Sierra Leone has ever seen.

To the dismay of those apologists, Koroma said; “We are not a perfect! we are not saying that we have done everything.”

He continued that from independence to date no political party has done more infrastructure than his government.

He explained that after the war, Sierra Leone was at ground zero but that his government has tried to give more access to pipe borne water all over the country and more access to institutions that have not been there before.

“We have made more people to have access to energy all over the country. We have laid the basis for the transformation of this country,” Koroma proudly explained.

Critics however said that President Koroma cannot bank his success on infrastructure because most the roads his government did were mere rehabilitation at a very high cost and poor quality.

That infrastructural development can be done by any government and that for access to water, they say even the capital doesn’t have access to pipe borne water.

However President Koroma conceded; “we are not yet there, we are making progress.”