Access to clean and safe drinking water is a human right. But that right is what our national institutions deprive us of each time the taps close.

The rate at which Guma Valley Water Company, the state institution responsible for water distribution in Freetown, is closing taps in the country is getting worse and gravely affects the future of this country. Around 80% of the people we see at night in search of water are teenage teenagers.

It’s really sad and disheartening for country like Sierra Leone that is about to celebrate it’s 55th independence anniversary cannot provide adequate clean and safe drinking water for about 7million people.

This high rate of “pump lock” is hitting hard on our education and it is increasing the amount of teenage mothers in the country, and teenage pregnancy leads to many school drop outs. Children who spend the rest of the night, sometimes from several kilometers from home, in search of water have no time to study and that has contributed to the massive failure of pupils in both internal and external examinations.

The issue of water needs urgent attention and I am calling on the government through the ministry of water resources, Guma Valley, and SALWACO to pay attention to this burning issues that is gradually destroying the lives of future leaders.