Mr. Amara Dennis Turay, better known as Kao Denero who is the acclaimed the best Hip Hop artist in Sierra Leone and one of the best in the continent has once more caught the eyes of the global music players.

Kao Denero - Ghetto Struggle

VP Records, which is the biggest music marketing company in Jamaica has opted to market “Ghetto Struggle” worldwide.

VP Records is the company that is marketing for acts like Sean Paul, Busy Signal and other Jamaican artists who have an indelible print in the music arena in the world.

Ghetto Struggle which is dubbed as one of the best songs in the “BACK TO MY ROOTS” album released by Kao Denero in 2013 where he featured Jamaican hottest Busy Signal is still a household song in the world; no wonder why such a big company still sees the song as economically viable and hence worth marketing.

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The lyrics in the song are socially connected to every strata of society, especially the struggling class which has made a lot of youths to identify themselves with the song.

All could agree that one of the problems that is hampering Sierra Leonean music is lack of marketing; we don’t have people that are taking our songs globally, but Kao Denero has started the race and very soon our music will go viral like a fire in the harmattan season.

This is a boost not only for Black Leo, but for the Sierra Leonean music industry.