Sierra Leone’s former Vice-President Samuel Sam-Sumana has thrown his hat into the increasingly crowded presidential race slated for next year.

The man in the picture is a seasoned politician who believes that leaders serve the people and the people cannot be the servants.

The fifty-five-year-old man stands by the guiding principles of Islam, showing compassion to his brethren and generosity to even strangers.

His vision for a better Sierra Leone is to convert the wealth of the nation to monetary and material resources that guarantee a peaceful, law-abiding and democratic nation that meets the needs and aspirations of the greatest majority of its citizens.

This wise man believes that our nation’s wealth will make our country more prosperous and will provide economic opportunities such as increased foreign direct investments, human resource capital and the development of our infrastructure for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans.

He is a politician who further believes in democracy and all its components like; free speech, transparent elections, and the empowerment of the citizens to freely participate in civic and political matters.

He is committed to building a society that puts its citizens first in everything. He yearns for a society in which all Sierra Leoneans can acquire free and quality education, participate in building their government and economy and hold their leaders accountable and responsive to the needs of their people.

His decisions and political actions will always remain driven by ideals, and beliefs that are borne out of his urge to give; to make a positive change.

In essence, he craves to help transform Sierra Leone into a 21st century model of successful economic and social development in Africa. That is why he always puts our NATION FIRST!