G Force

In 2005 a group of three boys by the name of C-Joe, Bowien and C-K formed the group G-force as a Hip-hop dance group. Just like many celebrities that started their music career in the church, the group profile as a singers began at the age of 11 and went to Hip-hop music in 2006 when first feat on one of Sierra Leone award winning Hiphop group freezen point. Since then they released their first song called ride with us under shock studio produced and written by Ice man Kam.

Later on the group got a fourth member (E-Man) who brought in dancehall flavor to the group. When they released their two dancehall singles Energy gal, and Disco dancer on the internet and spotify under Emjay studio it received a lot of positive feedback and because of the positive respond it received on spotify and newspapers the Swedish radio invited the group for an exclusive interview and played the songs and also got invited on a show where lady Gaga came to perform in Sweden, Östersund in 2009. Energy gal is the group debut dancehall video and was released under shock studio/Emjay studio; the video is available on YouTube.

The group discovered their love for afrobeats when the legendary twins P-square dropped the well-known album “Game over” with hits like do me, Roll it and more. This album inspired the group to do afrobeats music. They then released their first afrobeats song called Dj Dj, this to many is one of their best song even though it was never really released properly. The song played on many African parties and festivals both in Sweden and abroad. However it never made it on radio station because the song didn’t fulfill the criteria required to be played on radio, the song leaked on the internet and It was never released on YouTube because of the potential it had which delayed the release but however was released on spotify and iTunes.

The song however got the group shows from the north part of Sweden to the south part. The group performed alongside famous Swedish acts and one of the greatest artist of all time in Sweden (Petter) released a video on YouTube where he encouraged the group to keep up with what they are doing and he loves the fact that they are bringing in new flavor to the Swedish music industry.

After performing around Sweden and getting radio plays and media interviews the group went to their home country (Sierra Leone) to raise the voice for the poor by doing a documentary and made a music video there which received several radio plays both in Sweden and Sierra Leone. When the group came back to Sweden, one of Sweden’s biggest radio station p4 contacted the group to make a radio documentary about them which they did and the interview reached over millions views on their website. The group made several afrobeats songs; such as feel free, two by two trying to introduce afrobeats music in Sweden.

Two years ago the group got their 5th member (Dj Ibra) and last year a afrobeats/dancehall choreographer joined the group (Roleto) along with hype man (Bino). The group was invited to perform alongside the legendary Awilo Longomba and they also went to Norway. Last year the group went on tour performing what is going to be their debut afrobeat video (Teach me) in front of 9k crowd and they were all dancing to the sweet afrobeat rythm. Later this year the group dropped the video it received positive feedback and the song also got various radio plays and media attention.

The song and video is also planned to be released in Sierra Leone on national radio and TV stations. The song is call Teach Me (Azonto) and it is also available on YouTube and soon will be available on spotify and iTunes by next week.

Unfortunately this amazing talented group is not signed to any label yet but they have been knocking on the door. For the moment their recording and production is done by ice man kam under shock studio/one mic entertainment.

In 2013 the group won Scandafric music awards for best upcoming afrobeats group.