Chief Sam Sumana, Sierra Leone’s former vice president Tuesday 19th breaks his silence as he condescendingly calls vice president Victor Bockarie Foh “the Brutus of Sierra Leone.”

“I used to call Victor Foh my Uncle,” Chief Sam Sumana said.

“On the day of my expulsion from the ruling All Peoples Congress party, as was stage-managed, I called on Victor Foh to inform him that I have been expelled from the party.”

“On hearing the information, he sounded completely unhappy on the telephone and told me he was in Bo (southern Sierra Leone) but will right away travel to Freetown to have a meeting with President Koroma, and where possible tender his resignation if indeed my expulsion from the party was true.”

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Chief Sam Sumana further said that on the arrival of Victor Foh in Freetown, he did not do what he had promised, rather surprisingly led a delegation of politicians to his house to knowingly ask him steps down as then Sierra Leone vice president.

He said such was the biggest of a betrayal a person he once called Uncle could do to him.

He however did not say whether his removal as country’s vice president and Victor’s substitution in place of him came as a surprise or not, but quoted words of a Roman politician Julius Caesar saying: “etu Brutae” (is that you Brutus), as he explains the level of betrayal meted him by a chap he once trusted.

It is true President Koroma in 2015 contentiously sacked Chief Sam Sumana as vice president in a manner believed to be undemocratic.

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This, over the years, has seen analysts, opposition politicians, the media, and of course the silent majority never-ending spoke on the president’s action vis-à-vis his sacking of his former vice.

Chief Sam Sumana has filed a case to the ECOWAS court shortly after the Sierra Leone Supreme Court ruled to the favour of the president for sacking him.

The matter will be coming up on 25th April, 2017.

Recently, a letter authored by Solicitor for Chief Sam-Sumana, Dr. Raymond Atuguba and addressed to President Koroma, requested the President “provide security for the safety of his client, his family, supporters and well-wishers as they take steps to participate in the process of voters registration exercise.”

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The voter registration process opened on March 20, 2017 and closes on April 16, 2017. Presidential elections are scheduled in Sierra Leone for March 7, 2018.

President Koroma sacked Chief Sam-Sumana as Vice President in March 2015 for ‘abandoning’ his duties but the latter says he has sought safety measures because his life was in.

“A friend should bear his friend’s infirmities, but Brutus makes mine greater than they are,” are words of followers of Chief Sam Sumana as they interpret betraying action of Victor Foh.