Reports reaching Sierraloaded indicates that the Selected Vice President of Sierra Leone, Victor Foh was not allowed in Paris (France) to attend the climate change conference.

Victor Foh-Spotted-In-London

A reliable source who revealed the development to Sierraloaded said that the French authorities failed to recognise Victor Foh stating that He was not an UN-invited participant at the conference.

Like anyone who do, Victor Foh reportedly tried to introduce himself But his words was paused halfway when a security official said, “Sorry Sir, We do not recognise you in the Participant’s list”

According to the Source, Victor Foh was left disgruntled, isolated and He was left with no option than to turn back.

When Sierraloaded further checked to find out the Sierra Leone delegation at the Climate Change Conference, our findings revealed that Sierra Leone had no participant yet at the event.

“This is a National embarrassment to the President Koroma’s government”, Abu Manasary, a Sierra Leonean in France who was aware of the Situation told Sierraloaded.

Meanwhile, Other sources said President Koroma who was immediately notified of the development had called the French authorities to admit Victor Foh as His (Koroma’s) representative and not as the Vice President of Sierra Leone.