As the All People’s Congress (APC) party heads to court petitioning the results of the March 31 Presidential run-off, the party’s former Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh has said he is not a party to any court action.

“…As an individual I’ve said it to the party loud and clear that I’m not a party to any court action,” he said while making his remarks during a Memorial Mass on Sunday at St Luke’s Church, Wilberforce.

The former Vice President said as a retired politician it is bestowed upon him to be the “bridge” in ensuring that peace between the SLPP and the APC is maintained and sustained.

“Let us work together. Yesterday it was the SLPP in opposition, if the APC is in opposition today I believe that we must work together to ensure that this country move forward,” he said.

The former vice president recalled that last Sunday the two contenders – the losing candidate Samura Kamara and the winning candidate “our President, Commander in Chief, Fountain of Honour and Justice, Maada Bio “- were both at St Luke’s where they embraced each other “if I were the losing candidate that would have been the end,” he averred.

“I will never work against what the people have said and what God have said. Let me tell you again that one of the most distressful moments upon our return from Makeni… distressed as I was, our President Maada Bio called me. He did not campaign to me. He did not tell me to leave my party and join him, but he was consoling me to take heart that is what God wants. If Maada Bio has now won the presidency let us give him the support to rule this country.”

Former VP Foh maintained, “I want to renew this pledge before this congregation, before the clergy and before God and man, that I Victor Bockarie Foh former Vice President, a very loyal politician it beholds upon me to be of good example. Politics has come and gone. I recognized the ballot, I recognized the will of God and I bow down to the President… I hold no grudge. I’ll give you two examples. Captain Strasser is my friend and the rest is history. Former Vice President Berewa is not only my elder brother but my bosom friend. Those of you who know the recent political history of your country you know what may have transpired in the political waters in this country. But I want to tell you that former Vice President Berewa is my elder brother and my bosom friend.”

Dr Samura Kamara last Thursday filed a petition in the Supreme Court that the presidential run-off election result was fundamentally flawed. Samura Kamara filed the petition together with the APC vice chairman, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray and the national Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansaneh. The petition was against the chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Mohamed N’fa Allie Conteh, NEC, President Maada Bio and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

The APC has petitioned that they were deprived of victory in the election for the presidency of Sierra Leone and accused the first defendant, Mohamed N’fa Allie Conteh that, notwithstanding the irregularities, he went ahead and announced Julius Maada Bio as president.

They argued that the court determines that the NEC chairperson acted illegally when he included results of polling stations where over voting took place.

They further argued that the court directs all results of polling stations where over voting took place be excluded from the final tallying and final results declared by the NEC chairperson.