USA will request the extradition of Mr. Karamoh Kabba, the appointed Resident Minister for Eastern Province, Sierra Leone.

According to the records of the US Federal Bureau of Investigations, Mr. Kabba was convicted on three charges of drug offences, trafficking, possession of illegal substance and distribution of harmful substance to the public.

Following Mr. Kabba’s conviction in the US, like any other western country convicted criminals are released and expected to return to Court on his own accord for sentencing.

Mr. Kabba was to return for sentencing one week after his conviction in the US Court; unfortunately he did not show up.

After years of running away from justice, the FBI has now issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Kabba. The FBI is to extradite Mr
Kabba for jumping sentence.

The FBI have finally found their man who is been on the run for more than a decade. The FBI also says they have enough evidence to convince the Sierra Leone Judiciary and the authorities to speed up the extradition process of Mr. Kabba.

The extradition of Mr. Kabba came about after a group of Konos and Sierra Leoneans passed the full details of Mr. Kabba to the US authorities about the where about of Mr. Kabba.

The FBI have confirmed Mr. Kabba’s identity through the US embassy in Freetown and notified the embassy about the extradition process for Mr. Kabba.

In the mean time president Koroma and the APC and Sierra Leoneans will know the true Mr. Kabba when the FBI start the extradition process in the shortest possible time.

If we are going by rules the president stand to take the responsibility of his appointed Ministers’ conduct. As a nation it is our dream to enjoy the service of well seasoned politicians and learn from them. Unfortunately the president failed in his duties to appoint credible people as Ministers.

He appointed low witted people some of whom are not fit for purpose and has the propensity to destroy our democracy and drag our nation down.

This brings me to the question whether the president acted out of malice, without consultation and without proper vetting of his appointed Ministers.

On a very salient note some of the president appointed Ministers have failed miserably to conduct themselves as far as discipline and good leadership is concern.

Mr. Kabba who the FBI now sort after is an example of the president appointed Ministers who lack integrity and failed to conduct himself as a Minister.