Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police force have lately being notorious for misusing the country’s green, white and blue national flag. In all countries today, national forces like the police and military are vested with the responsibility of protecting and projecting the image of their national flag but when it comes to Sierra Leone its police force is acting otherwise lately.

Sierra Leone Flag Portrait

Before now, it has been a laid down principle that all institutions flying national flag during the day, such as the military, police, schools and scout associations among others, must ensure that it is mounted down at 6:00pm daily.

This principle has since been upheld by the military, schools and scout associations while the SLP doing otherwise.

For a month now, many police stations and divisions across the country have been keeping the country’s national flag mounted up even after 6pm. This reporter visited police divisions in Lumley and Central at 7:19pm on Tuesday June 14, 2016 and disappointingly, both the police force flag and that of the country’s national flag were still mounted up.

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Speaking to a police officer at the Lumley division, a police Sergeant who begged not to be named in this article, confided to this reporter that of late much attention is not paid on whether the flags are mounted down on time or not. He said most times they are left mounted up until 8, 9 or 10pm and in some days they are left mounted up all night.

In some countries such as the United States of America, misusing the national flag in such a manner is a state crime liable a jail term of not less than ten years coupled with other punishments. Hope Sierra Leone will replicate such wise decision soonest.