The University of Sierra Leone have landed heavy fees charges for one to be admitted in any of the constituent colleges of Sierra Leone.

See details of the fees below:

University application forms: Le 500,000

Fourah Bay College:
Arts degree: Le 5,050,000
Mass Communications: Le 5,575,000
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
Social Science: Le 5,750,000
Law: 7,358,000
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Pure and Applied Sciences Degree: Le 5,575,000

The Institute of Public Administration Management (IPAM)

Business Admin, Financial Services, Applied Accounting,
Entrepreneurship: Le 4,750,000
Information system: Le 4,575,000

College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences
Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing year 1-4: Le 5,075,000.

The question now is majority of the population in Sierra Leone are extremely poor living less than 1.25 Dollars a day, youth unemployment level is one of the highest per capital in Africa at 76% and illiteracy rate is over 61% How many Sierra Leonean can afford to pay such huge money for their Children Education?

What about the poor and middle class people, meaning their children will not be educated with a tertiary degree or diploma?