The lead Pastor for the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) in Sierra Leone, Rev. Rashid S. Turay has said, the mission is financially constrained to undertake and fund its operations countrywide.

Pentecostal Church Sierra Leone

Rev. Turay made this statement last Sunday 3rd April, 2016 during an Induction ceremony of the Mission’s New National Board Members and other Officers at the UPC Lumley Secretariat.

Turay who was recently elected as National Superintendent for the United Pentecostal Church in Sierra Leone, in his commission statement with the theme: “2016 my year of Better Days” . He stressed on the need for financial support from donors and well wishers to make the Mission more viable.

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“Our Pastors suffer financially in the discharge of their sacred duties”, Rev. Turay said, adding that, what we need as priority is to have a National Secretariat that would serve as organ for the Mission. Rev. Turay called on the congregation to make meaningful pledges that will serve as development root for the Mission while maintaining that a monthly support for pastors will take the Mission a long way.

“The Mission is only receiving one Million Leones on a monthly basis” Turay said, adding that the said amount is not enough to address the issues and constraints of pastors. This he said, has led to a situation that is more detrimental to pastors for which there is need to come to their plight. Turay also called on members to join him bring in new ideas that will be of great help to the Mission.

Guest Speaker, Rev. M. S. Jalloh in his statement gave an historical background about the UPC of which he was a founding member. Rev Jalloh highlighted some of the good benefits behind the Mission in line with the biblical doctrines and as well frowned at women using the pulpit to deliver the gospel. He also frowned at women wearing mini skirt in the house of the Lord and as well condemned the fixing and planting of false hair in the house of the Lord. This he clearly explained contradicts the values of the Holy Book and as well described such acts as something sinful.

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“To you the women, I want you to know that your mode of dressing by putting on mini skirt in the house of the Lord is more of a curse than a blessing to you. How will you feel wearing a mini skirt in the house of the Lord and before your pastor”, asked Rev. Jalloh? “Don’t you think it is sinful” he queried? He advised that they desist from such act and try to be more religious.

Rev. Jalloh also commented on the mode of Baptism using the father, the son and Holy Spirit as very obsolete and not in line with biblical doctrines, expressing that such has to be discouraged and replaced in the name of Jesus Christ.