Kandeh Yumkella Movement On The Move

By Patric Foryoh

ST/SGB is the name of the U.N. Secretary General’s bulletin outlining Rules & Regulations for U.N. Staff.

Under Section 1.2(h) it is stated that U.N. Staff are allowed the right to vote in their home countries.

So we need to know why for 20 years as a UN Staff, Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella never cast a single vote for any candidate. Not even for a local councilor. If U.N. Rules allowed him to vote, how come he never came home to vote for anyone?

Narrowing the discourse to his great urge to lead his father’s SLPP party, the point will be raised that he has never voted for any SLPP candidate in his entire life; not even an SLPP local councilor candidate in Kychom, Samu where his late father was Paramount Chief (May the old man’s blessed soul rest in perfect peace)

Anyway, still on the U.N. Staff Regulations, the same rules in Section 1.2(u) under subheading of “Outside employment and activities” says of U.N. Staff that not only is “Membership in a political party is permitted” but it also asserts that “The payment of normal financial contributions to a political party shall not be construed as an activity inconsistent with the principles set out in these staff regulations”

So U.N. Rules allow Dr. Kandeh Yumkella to have not only joined SLPP long long ago but to have been paying financial contributions to the SLPP.

However, for 20 years at the UN, this son of Sierra Leone, never joined the SLPP let alone pay financial dues to the party. He only reared his head inside SLPP around the year 2013 when he saw a chance to lick fat off other people’s labours.

And he is surprised that he is facing such vehement rejection from the SLPP party’s base?

My dear compatriot Yumkella, you were never there for 20 years even though the UN Rules allowed and empowered you to have been there for your party.

My big brother, you snobbishly turned your nose at SLPP for 20 years whilst others like Alpha Timbo and Kadi Sesay labored for the SLPP. Today, you think you can just arrive, climb their heads and lead them?

Now, let’s leave the SLPP aside and take a broader national outlook.

On the national front, whilst the likes of Dr. Zainab Bangura and Dr. Sam Sesay were in the year 2007, traveling back home from their plush U.N. jobs to first register and then fly back to come vote, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was “too big” to stand in line to be registered, to be counted or to vote.

Dr. Yumkella though you were allowed to vote under UN Staff rules but yet you have never registered neither voted for any fellow citizen – and yet you want to lead this country?

By the way, has Dr. Yumkella paid a single penny of Income Tax to the national coffers over the last 20 years since December 1995? It will be good to know if an aspiring President has been paying any Income Tax to help develop his country.

Sometimes I wonder what makes his supporters not to understand why many in and out of the SLPP take Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella as a jester when it comes to the politics of Sierra Leone.

For me though, I see him NOT as a jester but as one who might be without scruples. I see Yumkella as one who gambled horribly. As I have illustrated from UN Rules, there was nothing wrong for KKY to be an SLPP party member prior to his resignation from the U.N.
Which sadly begs the next question to be asked:


Could it be:He was ashamed to associate with his late father’s party but now wants to be a ‘Kakatowa’ in the party that others have built whilst he was snobbishly looking on?

Or could it be:
B) He was playing double dip games and holding himself out as a possible APC recruit?

I suspect it might be the latter and he was playing an APC-SLPP “two sided pen knife” game. This is my very strong suspicion but only Dr. Yumkella can clear the air because if that is the case, can such a double-tongued APC-SLPP person be allowed as our Commander In Chief and Supreme Executive Authority? Food for thought.