The anti-Prince Harding faction on Tuesday were waiting for Bio to endorse their Candidacy and manipulate the SLPP national chairperson contest taking place soon.

Unfortunately reports says President Bio is away in London receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment.

Umaru Fofana of BBC was alleging that the President’s overseas medical expenses were paid from Sierra Leone’s treasury.

A civil society advocacy group called “Concern Sierra Leoneans” has written a letter dated July 17, 2019 to Umaru Fofana requesting more details on our President’s health on the strength of the Freedom of Information Act, and the details of the spending.

However, Umaru Fofona yesterday broke silence on the health status of Julius Maada Bio confirming that the President truly needs rest.

He wrote; “I’m having to disrupt my vacation in Manchester to put this out: Two social media posts that have floated around since the weekend about the health of President Julius Maada Bio that are attributed to me, are FAKE. For all it’s worth, when I left Sierra Leone on Tuesday evening for a media conference in London, the President was on the same Air France flight.

“During our brief stop in Conakry, he and I had a chat. He was hale and hearty. He was standing up while the flight was being tidied up as it usually happens during layovers. His wife, Fatima, wore a broad smile and was convivial. Their daughter was being tended to. The president told me that he was on a private visit for some “badly needed rest and other private matters”.

“This recycled hateful lying laced with wishful thinking about our head of state, which started during the presidency of Ernest Bai Koroma, is unhelpful to the country. If it is good for some people, could they please leave me out of it! Best.”