Twelve (12) medical doctors from Saving Lives Initiatives in the United States of American including two Sierra Leoneans, one Orthopedic and General surgeons are presently in Koinadugu district performing free major and minor surgeries on locals in that part of the country.

Doctor Performing Surgery

The team is in the country as part of a fact finding mission aimed at working with the community in this pilot phase of many visits by working with community people, nurses and the local medical officers by sharing ideas on how cases are treated on both sides.

Welcoming the medical doctors on behalf of his chiefdom and the district, Paramount Chief Gbawuru Mansaray III of Wara Wara Yagala Chiefdom described the visit as ‘timely’ owing to the fact that the country is just crippling out of the Ebola disease and also their district is deprived in terms of health service delivery and access to the available government hospital by his constituents. He assured the team of ensuring their visits is well utilized by locals thereby pleading for more subsequent visits.

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In an exclusive interview with the team during lunch at the Kabala Government Hospital, one of the Sierra Leonean doctors, Malik Jallon, said they are twelve in number with one Orthopedic Surgeon who is a medical director and head of the mission that deals with bones and general surgeon, two aestheticians, four nurses, a logistic officer, two physicians assistants and one surgical officer.

He said their goal is to work with the community and learn from each other as a team and not to work in isolation because, according to him, their visit is expected to be a learning session between them and the local doctors as well.

The head of the team, Dr. Salvagno said prior to their visit the local doctors have already identified some surgical cases to be treated during their stay in that part of the country which, according to him, is very important to work with local partners in such mission, pointing out that the medical practitioners can help make things easier by explaining to them how they have been working.

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Dr. Salvagno said their visit is a fact finding trip, hoping to do more but need to search more on what the needs are, the potential ones and set the base for more visits, saying they have greater and limited expectations which he said will not be based on the number of cases they do or look at per day but rather the relationship they are going to establish.

The Logistics Officer, Badara Kamara said they are grateful to the NATCOM and NASSIT for facilitating their visit and that after this first ten days visit they will come back in October if all goes well to promote the common good,” he emphasized.

The Section Chief of Balondugu in Koromasilaia in the Folosaba Dembelia Chiefdom, Pa Mamudu Conteh while expressing their gratitude described Agbamgba as ‘development focus’ and a ‘serious leader’ whom according to him is presently contributing to the construction of their school.