Evangelist Manso Samura Sesay of the Glorious Evangelical Ministry in Freetown has been remanded at the Male Correctional Centre by Magistrate Mohamed Serra Wurie of Ross road Court N0.1 for the offence of Larceny and Fraudulent Conversion, contrary to Section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act of 1916 of the laws of Sierra Leone.


The particulars of the offence disclosed that, Evangelist Manso Samura Sesay allegedly collected the sum of thirty million leones from the Complainant, Fatmata Kamara on the pretext of securing her vast portion of lands at Bathurst village off Regent and Kamayama at Lumely in the far west of Freetown.

Court records disclosed that Evangelist Manso Samura Sesay collected monies from the complainant, Fatmata Kamara running into the region of one hundred and sixty nine million Leones and presented fake land documents he claimed to have at Bathurst village off Regent and Kamayama at Lumely.

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The accused, who is also charged with Fraudulent Conversion and Causing Money to be paid to another, contrary to Section (21) of (4a) of the Larceny Act, and that accused person further collected huge amount cumulating to one hundred and sixty one million leones from Complainant, Fatmata Kamara on diverse dates for the purpose of preparing conveyances and for tax payment to the National Revenue Authority in respect of the said land, but after investigation, it was later discovered that accused Manso Samura Sesay was telling a cock and bull story.

Accused person had no legal representation and pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against him and Magistrate Mohamed Serray Wurie ordered that, Evangelist Manso Samura Sesay be remanded at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba road in Freetown.

The matter was adjourned to Monday 16, September 2016.

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In a similar development, Magistrate Mohamed Serray Wurie has refused bail and remanded Rev. Mohamed Deen Jalloh for receiving twelve million, three hundred thousand Leones from Complainant Ibrahim Kallokoh on the pretext of securing him Visa and facilitates his journey to the United States.

In his testimony, the 3rd prosecution witness, Mamadu Bah disclosed that he recognized the accused person, Rev. Mohamed Deen Jalloh, Complainant, Ibrahim Kallokoh and recalled Monday 11th April 2016 and sometime in June 2016.

The witness explained that, on Monday 14 April 2016, he accompanied the Complainant, Ibrahim Sesay to accused person residence at Fourah Bay where the Complainant informed accused person about his intension to travel to United States of America, and if he could help him secure a visa.

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He further informed the audience that, accused person consented to provide the visa and requested for initial payments of six million Leones, which he said, Complainant Ibrahim Kallokoh gave to Rev Mohamed Deen Jalloh in his presence.

Mammadu Bah also intimated that sometime in June 2016, accused person collected three million Leones from Ibrahim Kallokoh and the money was handed over to his wife upon the instruction of her husband Rev. Mohmed Deen Jalloh at his Fourh Bay residence.

The witness stated that later on, accused person went and complained to him that, the Ibrahim Kallokoh was reneging to pay a balance of three million, three hundred thousand leones, which he urgently needed to process and facilitate documents relating to the procurement of the Visa and information on his journey to United States of America.

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He narrated that based upon this, he went on, he again accompanied the complainant, Ibrahim Kallokoh to accused person at his Fourah Bay residence where he saw the complainant handing three million three hundred thousand Leones to Rev Mohamed Deen Jalloh amounting to the total value of twelve million, three hundred thousand Leones.

According to Mamadu Bah after the transaction, Rev Mohamed Deen Jalloh went into hiding until he was arrested by the police in his secluded hide- out in the east part of Freetown, and statement was later obtained from him by the police in respect of the matter before the court. The matter was adjourned to Monday 19 September 2016.