Magistrate Mohamed Salieu Seray-Wurie of court No. 6, in Freetown on Tuesday December 8, 2015 convicted and sentenced Suliaman Kamara and Alex Bayoh to eighteen (18) months imprisonment for both men after they were found guilty of unlawfully possessing one double steel door at Calaba Town suspected to have been stolen.


Magistrate Wurie ruled that each of the convicted accused persons are to serve a total term of nine (9) months in jail to be run concurrently.

Both men were facing one count of unlawful possession.

According to the the Police Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police (APC) Mohamed Fofana, the convicted persons on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at last station Calaba Town far east of Freetown were caught with one big steel door around 2:00 in the morning which was believed to have been stolen from an unknown destination.

Pleading on behalf of the convicts, defense counsel Miss Browne begged the Magistrate to tamper Justice with mercy. She said the accused persons are first time offenders who had no criminal records in the country.

She informed the court that they have spent long time in jail, and therefore urged the Magistrate to consider the time spent in prison by her client in passing his judgment.

In his judgment Magistrate Wurie stated that he has considered very seriously the entirety of the evidence adduced by the prosecution and has also looked into the plea of mitigation made by Miss Browne.

“The offence for which the men have been found guilty is a very serious crime. It appears to me that they had stolen the said door form someone which the Police did not trace and also never tendered or brought the said door in court.

I shall tamper Justice with mercy by imposing a direct prison sentence of nine (9) months on each convicted accused” he ruled.

This, he said will serve as lesson to the general public to know that such crime is punishable by law.

Meanwhile, the two guys were returned to the Pademba road male Correctional Center in Freetown where they are expected to remain for the next nine months as ordered by the court.