Abu Bakarr Bangura and Ibrahim Sesay were last thursday caught impersonating Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA) at Wellington, east of Freetown.


An EDSA worker narrated that around 3:15pm he received a call from one of his cousins who resides at Pottie, Alphaso Lane, informing him that EDSA workers are in their vicinity requesting for bribes or get disconnected.

The EDSA worker explained that he was a bit baffled because there is no on going disconnection in that area. “I told my cousin to ask who heads the disconnection team and he told me that they said they are part of Dominic’s team.” Straight away I realized some thing was fishy because Dominic is on leave,” he explained.

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I dashed to the scene with my crew only to discover these impersonators. Upon arrival at the scene, they ran away but two were caught while the other is still at large. The two who were caught were found with electrical tools and National ID cards, which they used as camouflage to deceive the people that they are EDSA workers.

Abu Bakarr Bangura and Ibrahim Sesay

EDSA Revenue Collection Manager, Mr. Alfred Yarteh said “we are going to set bright example with them because these are the detractors that contribute greatly to the agency’s financial loss.”

As at press time, the alleged thieves were handcuffed and detained inside EDSA headquarters at Siaka Stevens Street.