• By John Alie

I would like to personally desist from calling the actual name(s) of the late Moseray Fadika throughout this piece, but rather refer to him as “SUPER”. Since this connotes “an individual, thing, or property that exceeds customary norms or levels”.

Moseray Fadika SL

Super was a towering figure in our time; a legend in life and now in death – a true global hero. He taught people across the globe the true meaning of nationalism, courage, hope, leadership and above all perseverance.

In the words of Peter Drucker “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results……” Super perfectly fits into this description, his results speak for themselves.

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First in the history of Sierra Leone I stand to be corrected, that a true patriot would create opportunities for thousands of jobs, scholarships & philanthropism for Sierra Leoneans at home & abroad, thereby changing the social & economic barometer of his brothers & sisters irrespective of their political or regional extraction. His vision, say what you may, was as a result of “you can be born poor, but you should not remain poor”– Super’s last words in London.

Super’s great leadership courage to fulfil his vision to help humanity & the country comes from passion & not position. As we have had people in better positions before Super. He believed in leading from behind & putting others in front even when most of the times it was not pleasant, his greatest victory was when good things occur in the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

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If I am to choose between “sleeping” and “being part of a leadership that pursues irrelevant agenda”, I will choose “sleeping”. Because chasing of irrelevant agenda by a leadership sect is what Nelson Mandela call a “Long Walk to Freedom! – Israelmore Ayivor. When will Sierra Leone ever get another SUPER? Our long walk to economic, social & patriotic freedom has just begun.

With his passing, there will be an immense void not only in the lives of his family, but to all sierra Leoneans and the many others whose lives have been touched by his fight for equality, social and financial freedom. When the definitive history of our time is written, the name SUPER will stand taller than most – perhaps tallest of them all.