As the campaign for the upcoming Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections gets heated, an OSIWA-funded research exercise has examined the poor state of health care in Sierra Leone, particularly under the APC led government.

The research which was conducted by the Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) raised lots of questions that political parties and their aspirants need to address once they come to power after March 7th.

According to the research which has already been made public, Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer ranks Sierra Leone as having the highest incidences of bribery in sub-Saharan Africa. “Citizens see corruption as increasing rather than decreasing: a 2015 Afrobarometer report found that seven out of ten Sierra Leoneans believed that corruption had increased over the previous year”, the IGR research said.

It further explained that at least one-third of the Ebola budget (54 billion Leones or $US 7.1 Million) was unaccounted for. IGR research also noted that, the 2015 report notes that more than Le14 Billion was withdrawn from the Emergency Health Response and Miscellaneous Account without any documentation regarding why monies were withdrawn, or how the funds were utilised.