The Town Chief of Mobai in Mandu Chiefdom in the Kailahun District is reportedly on the run after it has come out that he allegedly had sex with a 12-year old girl.


Awoko reports that the 60 year old Town Chief, Momoh Laa is alleged to have had sex with the 12-year old and was reported to the Paramount Chief and then the FSU but was reportedly “compromised”.

The National Coordinator of a Human Rights Organization, Humanist Watch Salone (HUWASAL), Christopher Morie Brima told journalists in Kenema that the matter has been brought to his attention and he on behalf of the girl has formerly reported the matter to the police in Daru.

He said he has also lodged a complaint to the police against Paramount Chief Kellie Cumber for allegedly intimidating the Head of the Family Support Unit in Daru to abandon the matter, on grounds that the matter should be resolved at the family level at home.

Consequent upon this according to Mr. Brima, the alleged perpetrator was arrested and detained by police but was released on bail through the Paramount Chief standing as surety.

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According to Christopher Brima since then nothing has come out of the matter and the perpetrator is reportedly roaming the village with ease. He said when his team recently visited the village on awareness-raising on gender and sexual violence, they were approached by the parents of the 12-year old to say they are yet to hear from the police or the Paramount Chief regarding the matter.

“We have observed that most of the sexual and gender violence cases perpetrated in that chiefdom as by local authorities or people of influence in the chiefdom,” Mr. Brima noted, adding that the police and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs should stand firm against such “acts of impunity” in that chiefdom and elsewhere in Kailahun district. Kailahun district is reported to have the highest rate of sexual and gender violence in the country.

HUWASAL is currently supporting 23 victims of sexual violence and 17 that are economically neglected.