Tigidankay Bah, an 18-year old student from Muslim Brotherhood Senior Secondary School, achieved the highest grade score and the best results in the recent West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Her remarkable results, five A’s and four B’s, were the highest grades for the 2016 WASSCE.

Tigidankay Bah

Tigidankay Bah proudly said her success is based on hard work, dedication and commitment to her schoolwork. She said, “I feel very happy and excited”.

And, she has ambitious plans. She said, “I will be pursuing a course in Applied Accounting and I have applied for my course but not yet been shortlisted. I am really looking forward to starting my university career.”

Mohamed Bah, Tigidankay’s father, said the reason for her success is due to stringent measures and encouragement from her parents. Tigidankay is one of five children. Her father says, “I feel fine and very happy for such a remarkable achievement for my family and for girls in Sierra Leone.”

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Mohamed, the former PRO for the Cassette Sellers Association, said, “I have never paid for private lessons for any of my children. At the end of the school day, I go through her bags, check her books and go through her assignments. She also does not miss school for any reason except sickness. When it’s time for public exams, I will seize her phone, stop her from doing any household chores, and stop her from watching television. The only work she is allowed to do is to study and study.”

Tigi’s father was an involved parent and often visited his children’s school and visited with teachers and principals. Mohamed said, “At some point, Tigie told her mother to plead to me to stop paying unexpected visits on her school. I am not educated and I do not want the same for them.”

One of Tigidankay’s teachers, Alpha Said Ann-Khan, said, “I am proud of Tigidankay and I knew that she could make it because she is studious.” He said, “Tigidankay shows interest in her studies and was always asking questions. She is one of the most brilliant students I’ve ever taught.”