Chiefdom youth chairman in Magburaka town, the district headquarters of Tonkolili has accused the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the District Health Management Team (DHMT) of conspiring and manufacturing the recent case of Ebola in the district.

Tonkolili Youths Sierra Leone

The Kholifa Chiefdom Youth Chairman, Mohamed Sheriff Tarawallie, in an exclusive interview with Awoko Newspaper said, “All the youth in this district are totally surprised and in confused state of mind with regards the recent ‘manufactured Ebola’ case by WHO and the District Health Management Team (DHMT).”

“We are confused at the manner in which the lady died because I am part of the district task force team that patrols and keep alert of events especially movement of people into the chiefdom and district,” He pointed out.

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Mr. Tarawallie said when relatives of the lady came with her she was sick and was taking to the hospital for test and that she went through the triage and was tested for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Typhoid, stating that after her test the result indicated that she was negative of all and was returned home. He continued that even after her death and swab was taken the family were told to go on with the funeral because she did not meet the case definition.

The youth chairman said they were sadden by the news that she died of Ebola which prompted them to stage a peaceful demonstration, demanding for three clarifications, ranging from retest of the corpse, don’t have trust and confidence anymore in WHO and DHMT in handling Ebola cases and that they are insisting on exhuming the corpse for retest. He said they are suspecting an exchanged in the swab result because according to the head of laboratory, Mr. Kamara, the viral load of the late lady’s result was 17.66 percent which was the worst case in the country.

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The youth leader said if that was anything to go by then all those who participated in washing the corpse must have died by now including the six year old daughter of the late lady and her entire family but up to date they are all healthy and strong. He went on to state that they are not convinced by the result of the deceased and the latest 38 year woman because it was the same lab that falsified the first result that did the latest test.

He called on government to urge WHO and the DHMT to provide answers for them, stressing that “since they last protested to date nobody had talked to us with regards what we asked for and because we don’t have confidence in WHO and DHMT anymore especially the way they handled this fake Ebola case here that is why our presence is felt in all the quarantined homes on 24 hours to monitor them and our people,” He concluded.