It has been eight months since the 14th August, 2017 mudslide disaster that claimed the lives of over four thousand Sierra Leoneans, leaving close to a thousand homeless. As work commenced recently at the Mortema disaster site, at least three more bodies have been exhumed.

The bodies were exhumed as a result of ongoing work by the United Nations Office of Project Service (UNOPS) that is geared towards removing the wreckages from the site and constructing a drainage system that will control the flow of water as the Rainy Season draws close.

According to Samuel Marrah one of the workers at the site, he said work at the disaster site started last week. He informed AYV that as excavation work continued they have for the past three days exhumed three bodies that were buried under the debris. He went on to say that it is likely that more bodies will be exhumed as work continues at the site. He added that the bodies that were exhumed were collected by the 177 emergency service.

Issa Bah working for Connaught Mortuary confirmed that they have for the past three days collected three corpses from the Mortema disaster site. He said the corpses were very difficult to identify as the remains were just bones and hair, adding that they are currently collecting any more bodies that would be found before eventually burying them at the end of the excavation exercise.