From: Hon Thorlu-Bangura.
To: Kandeh Yumkella


It has been brought to my attention, that kandeh is telling my supporters,that he had a phone conversation with me in which i told him that i had cancelled my candidacy.

To my campaign team and supporters,i never had such a conversation with kandeh, nor have i set eyes on kandeh for years.

I am known as a very straight forward individual, I tell people who i am and what i stand for,to avoid misinformation.

I have never interfered in anyone’s campaign,and I expect no one to interfere in mine. I am contesting in the 2018 elections and no one will stop me period!

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Let me educate you about the SLPP. I am one of the most senior member of the SLPP and a founding member of our party in 1991 and 1996,when the laws of our country dictated that all parties be registered as brand new political entities.

Seniority in our party,isn’t aquired through how old one is,but by how long one has been in the party. Me, hon.foday yumkella and the late foday sesay of bo, lead your father’s campaign for the slpp leadership in 1991 and 1996 need i say more?

My very long successful records in the party can be compared to a handful in the party. A few of us built the party secretly in 1988 risking lives and treasure in the process,we did not ask for accolades, neither do we need them.

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I am proud of all our party members,who are aspirants for the flagbearership of our slpp.the unsung heroes that started this slpp, have mostly passed on, only two remain: the most senior slpp member today,hon.emmanuel o.grant and myself.

I was proud to be SLPP when it was unpopular and dangerous to be one. I am proud to be slpp, now that it is popular and safe to be one.
Long after most of you would have left our party to go look for greener pastures, i will still be slpp.

So i say to you: One country, One people: One people, One nation.


Hon. Abdulrahman Thorlu-Bangura, Presidential Candidate 2018.